Wind farm maintenance

Our main attention is directed at large wind farms in Lääne-, Harju- and Virumaa. We provide maintenance for 6 wind farms and additionally take on various projects on other wind farms all over Estonia. These are the main wind farms we provide with maintenance:

  • Vanaküla 3 x 3 MW
  • Viru-Nigula 8 x 3 MW
  • Paldiski 18 x 2.5 MW
  • Aseri 8 x 3 MW
  • Aburi 1 x 3 MW
  • Aulepa tuulepark 16 x 3 MW
  • 1. Inspection, repairs and cleaning the blades
  • 2. Maintenance and repairs of the rotor
  • 3. Inspection and repairs of the glass fiber elements
  • 4. Inspection and repairs of the supporting structures
  • 5. Inspection, test measuring, maintenance and replacement of the power transformer
  • 6. Not in the portfolio of services Empower4Wind
  • 7. Inspection, maintenance and replacement of the gear box
  • 8. Maintenance and replacement of the generator
  • 9. Maintenance and replacement of the components of the main inverter
  • 10. Maintenance and repairs of the brake system
  • 11. Inspection, maintenance and repairs of the gondola control system
  • 12. Inspection/repairs of the foundations of the tower
  • 13. Inspection and maintenance of the tower structures
  • 14. Inspection and maintenance of the automatic turbine control mechanisms
  • 15. Inspection and maintenance of the automatic turbine control mechanisms
  • 16. Testing and repairs of the elevators
Single wind turbine maintenance

In addition to wind farms, we also provide maintenance for smaller single wind turbines. For example, turbines 20-30kW erected on several Estonian islands by the Estonian Coast Guard.

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